WSJ – A Xi Jinping Protégé Rises to Stardom

While no Chinese leader has chosen his own successor in decades, Mr. Xi is an exceptionally strong ruler and has demonstrated a strong, if tacit, preference for Mr. Chen. Further consolidation of power during his next 5 year term may allow him to buck the trend.

Foreign Affairs – Japan Warms to China

High-level diplomatic meetings between the two countries are becoming more common, and the two leaders hope to develop a rapport that will allow them to work with each other on thorny maritime issues.

China Daily – Mobike eyeing Washington, DC

Mobike main Chinese competitor, ofo, has a California trial starting in March. Mobike will face competition from the local Capital Bikeshare, which has a solid foothold in DC.

FT – Trump-Xi honeymoon is over as US threatens sanctions

The moves come just two weeks before the two sides were set to meet for a first round of negotiating on ways to ‘re-balance’ their trade relationship and was announced on the day President Xi was set to attend a ceremony marking 20 years of China/Hong Kong partial reunification.

Financial Times – Tencent: free to pay

Tencent’s unbelievable success and user base in China leaves it in a prime position to snap up more of the $100 billion per year international gaming industry.

WSJ – Weibo Gets in Beijing’s Way

PCV notes that, much like the capital controls currently in place, an increase in the policing of political speech online is likely a byproduct of the coming bi-decade leadership shuffle this fall.

WSJ – Behind the Great Firewall, the Chinese Internet Is Booming

China is now the world’s largest e-commerce market as its huge middle class quickly adopts pervasive mobile internet use. Domestic alternatives to popular blocked western websites also offer plenty to keep most locals from testing the Great Firewall for cracks.

Bloomberg Tech – Baidu’s IQiyi in Talks With Google Amid Content Partnership Push

PCV notes that a deal may well benefit both sides. Google stands to gain access to detailed consumer demographic information from a country where many of its platforms are blocked. In turn, Baidu secures a partnership with one of the world’s top companies as it continues its attempts to fend off cash-flush rivals Alibaba and Tencent.

WSJ – Fitting Into Beijing’s New World Order

PCV notes that countries along China’s One Belt One Road route must make tough decisions to balance the increased commerce participation would create with acceptance of China’s overarching geopolitical strategy.

Nikkei Asian Review – Why Vietnam is all in for TPP11

PCV notes that, regardless of its ultimate passage, Vietnam is already forging ahead on many of the economic reforms that are outlined in the TPP. Publicly praising the deal is seen as part of a negotiating tactic to extract a better deal from the U.S. in any bilateral talks.

WSJ – South Korea’s President Moon to Meet Trump in June

President Moon’s policy of engagement with the North is contrasted by President Trump’s hard-line approach. Their ability to work together on this issue may lend insight into how they will go about resolving other issues, such as trade.

FT – Jack Ma steps up campaign to bring US businesses to Alibaba

The Chinese tech giant aims to add over 1M US small business to its ecommerce platform to sell to the huge Chinese middle class. Alibaba’s founder and CEO, Jack Ma, met with President Trump last month to discuss creating jobs in the US. Keep an eye on Mr. Ma’s upcoming conference scheduled for June in Detroit.


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