WSJ – China’s Inescapable Tencent Adds Hollywood Movies to Its Vast ‘Walled Garden’

PCV notes that Tencent Pictures recently invested in Kong: Skull Island, which was wildly successful in China. Preliminary Asian returns for Wonder Woman suggest it was also a good bet.

June 1, 2017

‘After getting off work at a real-estate company in eastern China, Zhu Feiyue spends most of his time on his smartphone.

The 25-year-old accountant watches animated series such as “The King’s Avatar,” about a top online gamer making a comeback. Too impatient to wait for next week’s installment, he reads the online comic book the series is based on. Before turning in, Mr. Zhu usually plays two or three rounds of the mobile game “Honor of Kings.”

The comics, the animated series and the game Mr. Zhu is obsessed with have one thing in common: they’re all created by Tencent Holdings Ltd.’

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