NYTimes – In China, an Action Hero Beats Box Office Records (and Arrogant Westerners)

While its success has been cheered on by CPC officials, Wolf Warrior 2 does not stick to the traditional formula of featuring a flawless and moralizing party hero.

August 16, 2017

‘China’s new favorite action hero single-handedly routs pirates off the African coast in undersea combat.
He wakes up fit to fight after nearly dying from a flesh-eating plague. He wields guns galore, poison arrows and a tank
to wipe out the mercenaries led by the villainous Big Daddy, a swaggering, sneering American soldier of fortune.

But in the end, what saves the hero of “Wolf Warrior 2,” China’s most popular movie ever, is a Chinese flag
wrapped around his arm.

The success of the two-hour film, featuring a red-tinged Rambo named Leng Feng, is being seen in China as a
pointer to the national mood after almost five years under Xi Jinping, the president.’

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