NYTimes – Amazon Profits Fall Far Short of Expectations, but Investors Shrug

Amazon’s history of successful investment gives it leniency from investors few, if any, companies can match.

July 28, 2017

‘Investors gave Amazon’s stock a bump early Thursday in anticipation of a strong earnings report later in
the day, briefly making Jeff Bezos, the company’s chief executive, the world’s wealthiest person.

By day’s end, Mr. Bezos had not returned the favor, with Amazon reporting profits that were less than a third of
what Wall Street had expected.

No matter. It was still the kind of performance that investors have come to expect from Mr. Bezos and Amazon: a
25 percent increase in sales and example after example of how the company is pouring money into original video
programming, warehouses and shaping the future with new technology and products like its Echo family of gadgets.’

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