Hollywood Reporter – Can Universal Create a Marvel-Like Universe With ‘The Mummy’ and Other Monster Flicks?

Universal Pictures hopes the global appeal of Tom Cruise will propel the series of films to worldwide success.

May 31, 2017

‘It’s alive! Or is it?

On May 22, Universal Pictures unveiled its “Dark Universe,” an umbrella under which its monster movies will be released. At least five films are on the way, including The Invisible Man (with Johnny Depp), Dr. Jekyll (Russell Crowe), Frankenstein’s Monster (Javier Bardem) and Bride of Frankenstein (not yet cast). But the future of the universe hinges on the performance of June 9’s The Mummy, a Tom Cruise-led reboot of a trilogy of films started in 1999. Early tracking suggests the Alex Kurtzman-directed film may debut in the low $40 million range in North America — a modest opening salvo for what is hoped to be a series that could someday rival DC and Marvel.’

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