Hollywood Reporter – AT&T Executive on DirecTV Now’s First Six Months of “Disrupting the Market”

The streaming service has been able to somewhat crack the apartment market that previously proved elusive due to DirectTV’s satellite hardware requirements.

May 31, 2017

‘Telecom giant AT&T launched the DirecTV Now streaming service six months ago, on Nov. 30, with networks from all major entertainment companies, except for CBS Corp.

The service debuted with a special introductory price offer of $35 per month for more than 100 channels, which has since expired. Subscribers now pay $60 for that package. Other price tiers provide more than 60 channels for $35 a month, 80-plus channels for $50 or 120 networks-plus for $70, which AT&T has emphasized is the broadest offer of any over-the-top service.’

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