WSJ – Mike Dubke Quits as White House Communications Director

A successful communications reset would likely allow a GOP controlled government some leeway to speed up work on legislative priorities. How influential the shakeup will be remains to be seen, as President Trump ultimately enjoys communicating with the public directly through social media and rally-style events.

May 30, 2017

‘President Donald Trump’s communications director, Mike Dubke, has resigned from his post after just three months on the job, a White House official said, a move that comes as the president seeks to reset his administration amid expanding probes into Mr. Trump’s associates ties to Russia.

Mr. Dubke hasn’t been involved in that probe, and unlike many top officials in the White House, he wasn’t part of the campaign. He joined the administration about a month after Mr. Trump’s inauguration, and he has struggled to jell with Mr. Trump, White House officials have said.’

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