NYTimes – Trump Administration Is Said to Open Broad Inquiry Into China’s Trade Practices

The inquiry will focus on intellectual property violations that may have been committed by Chinese entities. Last week, President Trump took to his favorite communicative tool, Twitter, to chastise China for a perceived lack of action on North Korea.

August 2, 2017

‘The White House is preparing to open a broad investigation into China’s trade practices, according
to people with knowledge of the Trump administration’s plans, amid growing worries in the United States over a
Chinese government-led effort to make the country a global leader in microchips, electric cars and other crucial
technologies of the future.

The move, which could come in the next several days, signals a shift by the administration away from its
emphasis on greater cooperation between Washington and Beijing, in part because administration officials have
become frustrated by China’s reluctance to confront North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.’

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