Live Updates from the SelectUSA FDI Summit

PCV is on the scene at the SelectUSA investment conference outside Washington, DC. The largest event of its kind, SelectUSA is host to investors, companies, officials from across the globe. Updates after the jump.

Tuesday, June 20

3:50 PM

Final shot from the exhibition hall of the SelectUSA Summit. Over 3000 participants made this FDI conference the largest yet. What a time!

2:30 PM

Jeffrey Chen, from the US Department of Commerce, Sachiko Kuno, of S&R Foundation, and Kevin Donovan, from Otsuka, join Ayman El Tarabishy of GWU for a panel on fostering an innovation culture. Focusing on developing your workforce and abandoning a rigid office hierarchy can pay big dividends for companies.

2:15 PM

Executives from Embraer, Louis Hornick, Arcor, and the Loudoun County Economic Development Office talk market entry challenges and opportunities. Navigating local and state government regulations is often a challenge when businesses first expand to the U.S.

12:15 PM

SelectUSA executive director Fred Volcansek addresses over 3000 participants & closes out the last general session at the SelectUSA Summit.

11:20 AM

Michimasa Fujino, CEO of Honda Aircraft Company, Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Ecosystems at Samsung, and Julie Sweet, North America Chief executive at Accenture join a FT panel on innovation. Big data and digitization continue to transform industries that have not been traditional partners with the tech industry.

10:20 AM

U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta talks about what steps are being taken to address the skills gap. Apprenticeships and community colleges are key tools for embracing the next-gen economy.

10:00 AM

Scott Kupor of Andreessen Horowitz discusses the gig economy and its effect on taxes and unemployment numbers. 

9:45 AM

A panel of global business leaders discusses the American economic recovery and their takes on trends for the future. Infrastructure development will play a key role.

9:00 AM

Judy Marks notes that HALF of the data EVER created came into existence last year. Only .5% of that data was utilized. The digital economy has hit full steam – the question is how can we best embrace it.

8:45 AM

Mani Iyer of Mahindra USA joins Judy Marks of Siemens USA and Laura Lane of UPS to talk about advanced manufacturing and the knowledge economy.

8:20 AM

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin touts the role foreign investment will play in proposed infrastructure reform. He also speaks on the importance of CFIUS – noting the vital role the committee plays while remarking that most matters put before it move forward without issue.

Monday, June 19

4:30 PM

PCV at a special seminar on what chances Chinese investors are most looking for in the U.S. market.

2:00 PM

Steven Chen of BluVenture Investors speaks about how foreign companies can utilize the VC community and access capital for all stages of expansion.

12:45 PM

Secretary Ross expresses confidence that the Trump Administration will be able to move forwards on tax reform in the near future.

12:30 PM

Secretary Ross and UK MP Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, discuss the Trump administration’s trade policy and British and European trade priorities.

11:30 AM

Governor Bevin touts a recent $283 million foreign investment in expressing broadband in Kentucky. Rural broadband expansion is a priority for FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai.

11:20 AM

Governors Matt Bevin and Henry McMaster of Kentucky and South Carolina join the SelectUSA Summit to discuss state level efforts to attract new foreign investment. Governor Bevin touts new investments by Amazon and others as examples of the fruit of his efforts. Over 500 foreign companies employ over 100,000 workers in his state.

10:30 AM

GE’s Jeff Immelt joins GM CEO Mary Barra and Commerce Secretary Ross to discuss challenges to productivity growth in the U.S.

9:35 AM

Energy Secretary Rick Perry discusses how a best in class workforce drives foreign investment in the U.S.

9:20 AM

Gilbert Lee from Fuling Plastics discusses the need to develop personal relationships when doing business with Chinese investors.


Ms. Catz talks about how the application of big data is leading a technology revolution similar to the early days of the internet.

8:30 AM

Oracle’s Safra Catz joins Jay Timmons of the National Association of Manufacturers and global business leaders to discuss digital infrastructure and business growth in the U.S.

8:15 AM

Commerce Secretary Ross opens up day two of the summit. This year’s conference is the largest and most diverse yet. 

8:00 AM

Some fast facts before Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross kicks off day two of the SelectUSA Investment Summit. 

Sunday, June 18

4:05 PM

EY’s Richard Kurtzman speaks about the benefits of domesticating supply chains under the administration’s purposed border-adjustment-tax.

2:35 PM

Research on Investment’s Steven Jast speaks about not assuming larger companies are better investment targets. 

2:00 PM

Calandra Cruickshank of StateBook International emphasizes how being attuned to a client’s culture helps to close deals and beat out rivals.

1:20 PM

Select USA Summit panelists discuss how communities and industries can best position themselves to recieve targeted FDI. Big data increasingly helps international companies make smart decisions about where to expand and invest.

12:30 PM

The SelectUSA Summit has kicked off with comments from Israel Hernandez, Acting Undersecretary for International Trade for the Commerce Department.