CNN – Wilbur Ross speech cut short at German conference

The Commerce Secretary used his speech to echo the president’s unhappiness with Germany’s large trade surplus with the United States. President Trump is set to arrive in Germany for the G20 Summit just next week, where he may well receive further backlash for his protectionist views.

June 29, 2017

‘Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was cut off in the midst of his remarks to a Berlin economic conference hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party ahead of the G20 conference the country is hosting next week.’

The video feed showing Ross’ remarks on Tuesday evening was killed after Ross doubly exceeded the 10 minutes he had been scheduled for.’
‘But the move caught the White House’s attention, leading some White House officials to complain Thursday morning about what they interpreted as a show of disrespect, a White House official told CNN. The official acknowledged that Ross went over his time.’

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