Bloomberg Politics – Net Neutrality Gets FCC Vote as Cable Pledges Good Behavior

PCV notes that the vote is expected to fall along party lines and will set off months of lobbying as broadband providers and web companies square off in DC.

May 18, 2017

‘The U.S. Federal Communications Commission plans a preliminary vote Thursday on dismantling Obama-era net neutrality rules, a change supported by broadband providers who say they won’t impede internet service and opposed by web companies that fear barriers to reaching customers.

The vote is a first step in Republican Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to replace rules passed in 2015 by FCC Democrats. Pai would remove strong utility-style legal authority that critics say over-regulates telephone and cable providers, and that defenders say is needed to enforce fair treatment of web traffic. The action begins months of consideration leading to a second, conclusive vote.’

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