Variety – Why an FCC Vote May Trigger a Wave of Station Mergers

PCV believes the FCC Chairman is committed to broadcast rule modifications that reflect an updated view of voices in the digital marketplace. Not mentioned, but worthy to remember, is the Chairman’s longtime support of relaxing equally outdated foreign ownership restrictions for the US broadcast industry.

April 18, 2017

The FCC on Thursday is expected to reinstate the so-called “UHF discount,” a regulatory maneuver that may not draw a lot of attention outside of policy circles, but could be the trigger for a whole series of mergers and acquisitions among station groups.

That action, along with the prospect of deregulatory moves by the Republican-controlled FCC, have Wall Street analysts expecting consolidation among major station groups. Sinclair Broadcasting is reportedly eyeing Tribune Media, and other stations groups, like Nexstar, CBS Corp. and Fox Television Stations, seem to have found a sympathetic ear at the agency to their argument that the current regulations diminish investment.

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